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Pattie Locke
Pattie Locke
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Pre-adolescence can be a tough time. It’s an age where huge shifts in your child’s physical, emotional, and social development take place. It’s a time of growing independence where they begin expanding their world away from their parents, relying on friends and figuring out where and how they belong. Your child still needs your help to nurture their growing self-esteem and confidence to take them through tough teenage years and beyond.

I am excited to announce a new empowering photo experience for children between the ages of 9-13.

Introducing Proud To Be Me, a fun and exciting photo session that combines words and images. It is a motivational and self-confidence building experience that you can offer your child to help them through this transitional time in their lives. It is an affirmation of your love and respect, captured in a magical moment in time that you and your child will remember forever.

I am offering Proud To Be Me sessions for three weeks only, starting February 23, 2022.


This is when the magic begins… it makes Mom’s cry and your child shine!  I have found this to have a lasting, encouraging, and supportive effect your child will take with them into the future. We talk about how they see themselves, and make a plan together to help them shine their brightest during the session.


Now we have the studio photo session with your child. Here, I’ll look to capture their personality and what they love, including hobbies and passions. (As an example, you’ll want to bring dance outfits, uniforms, or other props to the shoot.) These sessions usually last about an hour or so.


This is where the Dads cry (happy tears of course!). Two weeks after the shoot, you and your child will come back to the studio to view a slideshow of the images – and choose your favourite can’t-live-withouts!


If you would like more details about this project, have questions, or wish to book a session, please call Pattie at (207) 831-2655 or fill out the contact form below. I’d love to hear from you.

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