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Pattie Locke
Pattie Locke
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Highschool is hard enough, then add two years of a global pandemic on-top of that? Seniors, I see you - learning online, away from friends, stuck at home, feeling like you've been grounded by the entire world. And through all of that, you’re still finishing your senior year. Nothing about the last two years has been normal, so let me be the first to say how proud I am of all of you!

Regardless of what the world threw at you, you still showed up - so now it’s your turn to show off. With that being said, my senior sessions are in full swing, and I have a few spots left for July & August this year.

Here’s some quick tips for making the most out of your senior portraits:

1. Book Early

Each session is personalized to you - so we’ll get to know each other in your pre-session planning meeting! It’s not a race to get you in and out of the studio, because we’ll make it uniquely yours.

2. Outfit Options

Once we decide on locations, we can pick the best outfits to give that wow factor! Want to take a dip in the ocean? Better not to wear jeans! You’ll get a full what-to-wear guide once you've scheduled a session with me.

3. Don’t Try New Things (The Night Before)

And by this, I mean any new skincare routines, haircuts, foods or a crazy daredevil adventure. Schedule that haircut either a week before or a day after your session so there are no unexpected surprises!

4. Get your Beauty Sleep

Make sure you get a good nights sleep (and a good meal!) beforehand. We have 2 hours of photography shooting time and it’s no fun if you’re hungry and tired.

5. Build Your Playlist

No session is complete without your signature playlist, so come prepared with your favourite songs to get you moving & in the zone!

Excited to book your session? You can email or call me at or 207-831-2655 and get on the books.

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